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01/02/14 07:48 PM #1    

John Scully (1960)

Welcome to the Brookfield High School Classes Of 1946 - 1974 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/15/18 02:46 PM #2    

Francis Castellano (Castellano) (1968)

does any on the nam cruise  what carrier we where plan guarding and got the dead pilot out of the water

08/16/18 10:17 AM #3    

Thomas Kiefer (Kiefer) (1966)

it was the Enterprise and the dead pilot name is WEAVER i rember his name because that's my mother madin name.


08/16/18 12:35 PM #4    

Charles Hile (1967)

It was the Enterprise  I think we kept him in our cold storage for a few days

08/17/18 10:42 AM #5    

Page Neale (Neale) (1968)

As I recall, we did keep the pilot for a few days before the Carrier sent a helicopter to pick him up.  I had just come off the bridge from the 2000 to 2400 hours watch and was on the mess decks having some MIDRATS when the word came down about a plane in the water.  It was amazing that guys in our Whale Boat were able to find the body in daylight let alone darkness.  Kudos to those involved.  Sad that a pilot was lost but at least his family got some closure.  I hope life is treating everyone of my shipmates well.


Page S. Neale, Jr.

08/18/18 03:01 PM #6    

Michael Harter (1968)

CDR John Weaver was the pilot that went down. One of the flight crew told me that someone left a wrench on the engine which got sucked in the engine causing the explosion. I was in the motor whale boat when he was recovered. I had to pronounce him dead as a sad part of my duties as corpsman Doc Harter.

08/27/18 10:35 AM #7    

Francis Castellano (Castellano) (1968)

Doc   please give me a call thanks  frank castellano  732-492-0105  cell

01/26/19 01:41 AM #8    

Bob Carpenter

I remember Chief Mitchel giving us 25 burner tips for more steam .  never knew one existed until that cruise.  we usually only used 42-36- and 30's.  we survived though.

10/03/19 08:32 AM #9    

Bob Carpenter

Had an awesome time at the tin can reunion in Jacksonville last week.  I would encourage all who are able to attend whenever possible. tThe memories shared are priceless.

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