2012 Norfolk VA


Certificate of Appreciation

Is awarded to

Robert H. Boudreau, SN

Crewman of the

USS Robert L. Wilson DD 847

for his extraordinary effort in securing loose 5” 38 rounds of high explosives that had become adrift during a storm at sea and threatened the very survival of the ship and crew.   Seaman Robert Boudreau, with complete disregard for his personal safety, volunteered single handedly to enter the confined space in the magazine where the rounds were adrift. Upon entry, he found the high explosives rolling around the deck, striking the armor steel barbette bulkheads. Fuses on these projectiles could arm at any moment by concussion, creating a situation of extreme danger to himself, his shipmates and possibly causing the loss of the ship.   Shipmate Boudreau was successful by his selfless action in securing the rounds, eliminating the hazard. 


Seaman Boudreau, in upholding the highest traditions of the sea service, received official thanks from his commanding officer and division officer and the everlasting gratitude of his shipmates.  Today, in the presence of the ship’s crew assembled, those of us who followed him as crewmen of the USS Robert L Wilson DD/DDE 847, we hold this Meritorious Mast on the USS Wisconsin, BB-64 to thank you, Shipmate Robert Boudreau, for what you did that day. You are a true Cold War Warrior.


    October 5, 2012                                               ________________________________

                                                                             Francis F. Esposito, President

                                                                             USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association