Minutes 2011 - San Diego, CA

USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association
Business Meeting Minutes
Virginia Beach, VA  - October 7, 2012
The annual business meeting of the USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association was conducted during the reunion held at the Holiday Inn, Virginia Beach, VA on October 7, 2012.  These are the minutes of that meeting.
President Frank Esposito called the meeting to order at 0900.
All hands recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Acting Association Chaplain, Marty O’Brian, gave the invocation.
President Esposito directed the Secretary/Treasurer, Richard Utyro, to read the minutes of the 2011 meeting, which was held in San Diego, CA.  An abbreviated version of the minutes was presented.
President Esposito directed the Secretary/Treasurer, Richard Utyro, to read the treasurer’s report.  Utyro reported a current balance of $7,200.00 in the checking account.
President Esposito called all first time attendees to stand and be recognized.
Six new members were in attendance.  They were:
                    Jim Wrenshall               60-61
                    Richard Peterson          60-63
                    Tom Popehn                  68-72
                    Ron Liggett                    68-69
                    Larry Trahan                  66-69
                    Leon Smolenski             63-65
President Esposito directed the Historian, Roger Novak, to read the Historian’s Report.  The report included a history of the Wilson’s starboard anchor after it was removed from the ship in Philadelphia after decommissioning, a request for Wilson activity during the Vietnam War era and information about the Wilson’s participation in the “Bay of Pigs” operation.
President Esposito reviewed any old business.  Included was information on the Brick Paver Project in Centralia and the assumption of responsibility for maintaining the association roster by Jack Scully a discussion about developing a “Phone Call Tree” for the officers to contact members.  It was agreed to purchase a plaque at the Mt. Soledad Memorial for $1500.   
President Esposito called for the election of association officers for the 2012-2013 period.  The results of the election were as follows:
President                                        Robert Smith
1st Vice President                          Mike Loveall
2nd Vice President                          Del Krause
3rd Vice President                          Bob Mason
Master-at-Arms                              Tom Popehn
1st Asst Master-at-Arms                 Gary Barnett
2nd Asst Master-at-Arms                Leon Smolenski
Secretary/Treasurer                        Richard Utyro
1st Asst Secretary/Treasurer          John Banahan
2nd Asst Secretary/Treasurer         Jack Scully
Chaplain                                         Dean Thomas
Historian                                         Roger Novak
Reunion Planner                            Roger Novak
President Esposito called for the site selection for the 2014 reunion.  Site nominations and votes were as follows:
Buffalo, NY                   3 votes
New London, CT          12 votes
Newport, RI                   1 vote
Nashville, TN                3 votes
Rochester, MN             0 votes
Hershey, PA                 0 Votes
Galveston, TX              1 vote
Baltimore, MD              0 votes
New London, CT was selected for the 2014 reunion site during the 1st week of October.
President Esposito directed the Secretary/Treasurer to report on correspondence received since last meeting.  Utyro reported that only one piece of correspondence was received.
President Esposito called for any new business.  New Business included agreement to send three $50.00 gift certificates to Captain Ed and his instructors from the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy for their hosting of our reunion group at their facility in Virginia Beach, and agreement to send a $100 donation to the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Group.
The meeting was closed at 11:23 AM.