Minutes 1998 - Lancaster, PA

USS Robert L Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association

Minutes of 1998 Meeting at Lancaster, PA

Following are the minutes of the meeting of the USS Robert L Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association held at The Holiday Inn in Lancaster, PA on Saturday, September 19, 1998.

The meeting was called to order by President Willard Meeks at 0900 hours.

President Meeks dedicated the meeting to the memory of shipmate Mack Jones.  He then led the attendees in The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the National Anthem and the opening invocation.

President Meeks read the names of recently departed shipmates and family members:

                        Richard Finklestein

                        Fred Wooster

                        John Williams

                        Mack Jones

                        Robert See

                        Joyce Stubbs

President Meeks directed Secretary/Treasurer Jack Scully to read the minutes of the 1997 meeting in Baton Rouge, LA.  Scully read the minutes and they were accepted as read.

President Meeks called everyone’s attention to the fact that the meeting was being taped to allow accurate minutes to be taken.

Secretary/Treasurer Jack Scully read the Treasurer’s Report.  He reported that as of September 13, 1998, the treasury contained $3978.32.  Scully noted that a detailed report of expenditures for the last three years was available.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as read.

Secretary/Treasurer Jack Scully called the roll call of current officers.

President                                             Willard Meeks                       Present

1st Vice President                                 Bernie Cadden                        Present                        

2nd Vice President                                Robert Bollinger                     Absent                        

3rd Vice President                                Jim Haymond                         Present                        

Master at Arms                                    Bob Arndt                              Present                        

1st Assistant MAA                               Stengle Watkins                      Present                        

2nd Assistant MAA                               Roger Novak                         Present                        

Secretary/Treasurer                              Jack Scully                            Present            

1st Assistant Sect/Treasurer                  Martin O’Brien                       Present

2nd Assistant Sect/Treasurer                 Phil Dilloway                          Present

The roll call of Past Presidents was taken:

Co-Chairman             1982                                        Ryland Garris              Present

     Leon Paquette                        Present

President                     1983                            Hansel Hester              Present

President                     1985                            Cecil Kendrick            Deceased

President                     1986                            Mike DeFrank                      Absent

President                     1987                            Ryland Garris              Present

President                     1988                            Angelo Domico            Present

President                     1989                            Joe Ryan                Present

President                     1990                            Earl Stubbs             Present

President                     1991                            Dwight Friend              Present

President                     1992                            Robert Rudy                Present

President                     1993                            Larry Eggert              Excused

President                     1994                            Ray Espin               Present

President                     1995                            Stanley Johnson            Present

President                     1996                            Richard Utyro                        Present

President                     1997                            Dorney Wilber Absent

The president called attention to the correspondence file and noted that it is available for review to anyone interested. 

Earl Stubbs presented the Historian’s Report, which included references to the relationship developed on two separate occasions between the French Foreign Legend and crewmembers of the USS Robert L. Wilson.  He also pointed out the ship’s plaque replica on display in the hospitality room.

President Meeks asked all new shipmates to come forward and give their names, rates and the years they served aboard the USS Robert L Wilson.  They responded as follows:


                                                Del Krause             BM3                1957-59

                                                Lewis Miller              GM                  1953-54

                                                Bob Walker             SN 2/C                1946

                                                Donald Devault            TM2                1962-63

                                                Peter Hayes              SO3                 1948-51

President Meeks asked if there was any old business to be discussed.  There were no serious responses, so a break was taken for coffee and the collection of annual dues by Angelo Domico and Dewight Friend.

Following the break, the meeting called back to order by President Meeks.

President Meeks asked if there was any new business.  Earl Stubbs asked if any thought was given to selecting reunion sites for two years instead of one.  The by-laws call for two-year planning but only one year at a time is selected.  President Meeks decided not to make any decisions on the matter until next meeting.

President Meeks called for election of the 1998-99 officers. The floor was opened for nominations for 2nd Assistant MAA. George Wesselhoft was nominated by Hansel Hester and seconded by Joe Ryan. Since no additional nominations were made, a motion was made to close nominations.  George Wesselhoft was elected as 2nd Assistant MAA.

The floor was opened for nominations for 2nd Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.  Warren Leary was nominated for the position by Joe Ryan.  Nominations were closed and Warren Leary was elected as 2nd Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

President Meeks suggested that a permanent position of Chaplain be created.  Several nominations were made and declined.  Dean Thomas was nominated by Don Karaus.  Thomas accepted and was appointed as association Chaplain.

The floor was opened for nominations for the reunion site for 1999.  The following nominations were presented:

Memphis, TN                                      by Richard Gentry             3 votes 

Portsmouth, NH                              by Jack Paradee                       30 votes – 36 votes

Baltimore, MD                                    by Harold Tellefsen                     1 votes

Annapolis, MD                              by Bernie Cadden             0 votes

Hampton, VA                                      by Leon Paquette              8 votes  - 9 votes

San Antonio, TX                               by Dave Carson               1 votes   

Boston, MA                                         by Marty O’Brien             4 votes

Hawaii/Orlando                                  by Phil Dilloway                     1 vote

A motion to close site nominations was made and seconded.  A vote was taken and Portsmouth, NH was chosen as the reunion site for 1999. Dates for the 1999 reunion are September 16-19, 1999.

New officers were sworn in by President Meeks.

A motion to close the meeting was made and seconded and carried by the attendees. The meeting was adjourned by President Willard Meeks.

Minutes recorded by Jack Scully, Secretary/Treasurer.