By-Laws 2017

By-Laws of the USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association

Revised & Approved September 23, 2017


Article I – Name and Purpose 1. This organization shall be known as the USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association and is organized as a non-profit organization under the belief that any person who served aboard the USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE 847 has the right and privilege to belong to this Association for the purpose of promoting the benevolence, good will and social activities of this association. (1982) 2. These By-Laws shall be binding upon all members of this Association. (1982) (2010) 3. These By-Laws may be amended upon presentation of said amendment orally or in writing, quoting the Section amended in full. If the amendment is moved upon and seconded, it shall be discussed and voted upon. To be passed, the amendment must have the favorable vote of the majority of the members present and voting. (1982) (2010) 4. The use of the various USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE logos, which were produced by the Disney Studio and were given to the Commanding Officer of the Wilson to use as he saw fit, should be controlled and that use of these logos by our members should by a majority vote of the Executive Board. (2010) 5. The purpose of this Association is to reunite with shipmates we served with and to meet and get acquainted with any and all shipmates who served aboard the USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE 847. (1982)

Article II – Rules 1. A recognized form of Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed in the operation of the Association and to conduct meetings and elections. (1982) (2010)

Article III – Membership and Dues 1. Membership may be bestowed upon anyone at any time by a vote of approval by the majority of the membership attending and voting at the time. (1982) 3. All widows of deceased members of the Association will be made Honorary Members of the Association. (1988) 4. Annual dues of this Association shall be $5.00 per member through the year 2011. Beginning in 2012, dues will be increased to $10.00 per year, payable at each annual meeting. (2007) 5. Lifetime membership dues shall be $100.00 per member, payable at anytime. (2007) 6. Specify the rules for the collection of membership dues as follows: (2010) a) The annual dues shall be due in the month of January b) The annual dues are paid to the Secretary/Treasurer c) Notification to members shall be made via E-mail or letter in the month of December requesting the following year’s dues Payment of dues for the following year may be at the Annual Meeting 7. Special assessments necessary for the continuing operation of Association may be levied by the Secretary/Treasurer as needed after review and approval of the Executive Board. (1982)

Article IV – Officers and Elections 1. The Officers of this Association shall consist of a President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, 3rd Vice-President, Master-at-Arms, and Secretary/Treasurer. Each office listed shall be an elective office. They will move through the chairs of office at each meeting. (1982) (1986) (2010) 2. The length of term of the elective offices are as follows: President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, 3rd Vice-President and Master-at-Arms, one (1) year each. Secretary/Treasurer, three (3) years and he shall have a 1st and 2nd Assistant elected at the same time. The 1st and 2nd Assistant Secretary/Treasurers are not Officers of the Association. (1986) 3. Nominations for open vacancies for the officer positions will be allowed from the floor at each annual meeting. (2010) 4. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Membership and the Executive Board. He shall be an Ex-Officio member of all Committees and shall attend to such duties as pertain to his office, including the appointment of all Committees and Committee Chairman except as otherwise provided herein. (1982) 5. In the absence of the President, the 1st Vice-President shall occupy the Presidents position and perform hi duties with the same powers authority. The 2nd and 3rd Vice-Presidents shall duties as designated by the President and shall assume the duties of the President in his and the 1st Vice-Presidents absence as needed. (1982) (2010) 6. The position of Master at Arms shall be added Officers to the line of secession. (1986) 7. The Positions of 1st and 2nd Assistant Master-At-Arms shall added Officers in the line of secession (2010) 8. The Master-at-Arms shall keep a roster of all members present and shall maintain order under direction of the President. (1982) 9. The duties and responsibilities of the Secretary/Treasurer are as follows: (2010) a. Record and read minutes at each meeting b. Handle necessary Association correspondence through out the year and read correspondence Report at each meeting c. Assume responsibility for planning and arranging site and activities for each reunion d. Maintain accurate financial records for Association including checking account e. Report detailed financial status at Executive Board meeting f. Report financial status at each general meeting g. Pay all approved Association expenditures in a timely fashion h. Assume responsibility for the collection of Association dues and maintain an accurate account of dues receipts and list of payees i. Be responsible for planning, arranging, organizing and executing all activities in conjunction with the annual reunion at the location approved by the membership. j. Keep the President advised of all developments in the planning and execution of the annual reunion. 10. The 1st and 2nd Assistant Secretary/Treasurers shall assist the Secretary/Treasurer in any and all matters and shall assume his duties in his absence. (1986) 11. All elective Officers shall serve as an Executive Board with the President being Chairman and shall audit the financial records annually. (1982) 12. All elective Officers shall serve as the Nominating and Rules Committee with the President serving, respectively. They shall submit a slate of candidates for each elective office that has an opening requiring a candidate, determine the manner of balloting and conduct the election(s). (1982) 13. At the retirement of the outgoing President, the 1st Vice-president shall automatically move up to President, the 2nd Vice-President shall move up to 1st Vice-President, the 3rd Vice-President shall move up to 2nd Vice-President, the Master-at-Arms shall move up to 3rd Vice-President, the 1st Assistant Master-At-Arms shall move up to Master-At-Arms, the 2nd Assistant Master-At-Arms shall move up to 1st Assistant Master-at-Arms and a newly elected 2nd Assistant Master-at-Arms shall take office. (1982) (1986) (2010) 14. Two consecutive absences of any Officer at annual meetings will automatically result in removal from office of that Officer and from the progressive roster to the Presidency. The President shall, at his discretion, appoint a member to fill this elective vacancy for the remainder of the term. At the end of the elective year, all Officers will move up filling all offices from the top (Presidential) down with candidates and elections filling all vacancies. The appointed Officer does not automatically stay in line and move up. (1987) 15. A position of Communicating Secretary shall be filled as a Presidential appointment. Any correspondence will address our Association as the “USS R. L. Wilson DD/DDE 847 Association.” (1988) 16. The position of Reunion Planner, appointed by the President, shall be added as temporary position and assume the reunion planning duties of the Secretary/Treasurer. (2010) 17. The appointment of a Chaplin, with the responsibilities of writing condolence letters or other appropriate gestures, shall be made by the President as needed. (2010) 18. The appointment of a Webmaster shall be made by the President as needed. (2010) 19. Eliminate any requirement for a thirty-day waiting period for changes to the by-laws after they have been proposed, seconded and passed. (2010)

Article V – Committees 1. The President shall appoint all Committees and Committee Chairmen necessary for the Association to function properly. (1982) 2. The President shall specify a list of committees and their responsibilities and members as needed. The committees shall be changed annually and voluntarily. Example: A member who proposes a reunion site shall have the opportunity to serve as Reunion Chairman for the reunion (the man on the ground). Officers and members may volunteer to serve on that year’s reunion committee. (2010)

Article VI – Reunions and Meetings 1. A business meeting of the Membership shall be held during each annual reunion. All necessary business shall be conducted, reports made, elections conducted and the site of the following year’s reunion will be decided by the reunion planner with suggestions from the membership. (1982) 2 (2017). Reunions shall be held every year. The date of the Annual Reunion shall be anytime of the year. (1985)  (2010) 3 (2017) 3. The required payments for reunion activities shall be made in advance of the reunion date. The date of these payments shall be determined by the Secretary/Treasurer. Payment refunds will be permitted up to thirty days before the reunion start date. Refunds after this thirty-day period may be made only for verifiable medical emergencies. (2002) 4. A liability waiver form will be circulated and signed at the beginning of each annual meeting. (2007) 5. The selection of reunion sites shall be made by the reunion planner as soon as possible following the annual meeting two (2) years in advance, when possible. (2007) (2017)